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Best Gymshark Shorts For Men GAINS

The Best Gymshark Shorts For Men

It may seem like an easy task to choose the ideal pair of exercise shorts. Most men are looking for a pair of shorts they can throw on and not think about for the rest of the day. There are several elements to consider when purchasing a new pair of gym apparel, such as liners, inseam lengths, and moisture-wicking. 

Obviously, there is no one pair that is perfect for everyone, but after evaluating hundreds of pairs over the last several years, it became evident to me that a few crucial characteristics define the greatest gym shorts. There are a wide variety of styles on the market now that may be worn outside of the gym as well as during your daily workouts to reduce the weight of your gym bag.

With Gymshark shorts, every man can find the perfect pair, no matter what his preferences are. For those of you who like to hit the treadmill in a pair of 5-inch inseam shorts, or who prefer a pair of workout shorts with a liner for extra support during squats, you’ll find plenty of options in men’s gym shorts.

To help you get the most out of your hard-earned training time, we’ve broken down the best Gymshark shorts on the market, including their ideal activity, fit and length preference, and essential features.

Arrival 7″ Shorts

Gymshark Shorts Arrival Shorts

The Arrival 7″ Shorts let you train any way you choose. It is safe to say that these shorts will enable you to move in any direction with comfort and confidence, rep after rep or step after step, thanks to their 7-inch inseam, lightweight and sweat-wicking material, and supportive elastic waistband. The heat-sealed Gymshark logo appears on the thigh alongside open pockets.

Legacy Shorts

Gymshark Shorts Legacy Shorts

To recapture the beginning, the Legacy collection brings Gymshark back to the beginning. You can workout with enthusiasm and force in an authentic lifting aesthetic thanks to useful forms and durable soft material. With the updated Gymshark logo adorning each piece, you’ve got a classic that will stand the test of time.

The hem of these shorts may have a few stray threads due to their design. The mix of 80% cotton and 20% polyester is further complemented by the slim fit and 7-inch inseam that these pants have to offer.

Critical 7″ Shorts

Gymshark Shorts Critical Shorts

Critical 7″ Shorts are simple, but they get the job every time. You’ll be able to do every lift with complete freedom of movement thanks to the use of stretchy fabrics, a simple design, and body-enhancing seams. These shorts will never fail you if you put in the effort. Zipped side pockets and an adjustable internal drawcord on the waist elevate these significantly.

Speed Evolve 3″ 2 In 1 Shorts

Gymshark Shorts Speed Evolve

With the Speed Evolve 3″ 2 In 1 Shorts, you’ll be ready for anything. You’ll keep cool, dry, and focused on your objectives thanks to lightweight materials and a zero-distraction structure. Why? Because these shorts will bring you to where you need to go. Ventilation vents on the back and a 3″ inseam make this garment ideal for running.

Power 5″ Shorts

Gymshark Shorts Power Shorts

When it comes to the Power collection from Gymshark, you can count on it to work with you until failure. Every lift will be supported by durable, elastic textiles, and graphic designs will make every failure spectacular.

Lifting-specific designs and details eliminate any potential sources of distraction, allowing you to push yourself to new heights with complete concentration. With these pump covers, you’ll be able to show off your hard work in style. Zip pockets are strategically placed to reduce lifting interference, and an all-over jacquard motif is used throughout.

315 Seamless 1/2 Shorts

Gymshark Shorts 315 Seamles

The 315 Seamless 1/2 Shorts are meant to blend in with the scenery so that you can concentrate on the lift and forget about anything else. Keep cool with sweat-wicking technology and keep your concentration where you need it with seamless designs. Furthermore, the shorts boast knurling-inspired detailing and a baselayer fit.


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